Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 weeks

I know that all too often, the house gets so out of control you have NO IDEA where to start so you do nothing. 

Today we are going to take that problemo away.

Flylady has the weeks divided into 4 Zones.  The first week of the month is always (you fill in the blank), the 2nd week is always (you fill in the blank), etc, etc...

I used to use her exact division of Zones (which are posted at www.flylady.net)  until I realized I was never, ever doing Zone 1-which for her is Front Porch, Back Porch and Entry.  I have bigger fish to fry like running a dust rag across a coffee table.  My porch is the last thing on my list.  For you it may be a perfect fit.  Change it and make it work for you.

Take a minute to write down every single room in my home.  Or your home, whichever, I'm not being picky today.  Next, divide them into 4 Zones.

Here is the final list I came up with and it is working.  This week I will focus on cleaning my formal dining room and living room.  I will intentionally clean these areas and do more than feather dust (I will spray pledge in the air after I feather dust to make it smell cleaner).

And here are my cheerful cups because I was pretty sure you wanted to see them again.  When I say cheerful cups, you of course understand I mean cups, plates and bowls because I went all out at the Wal-Marts.

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