Wednesday, April 11, 2012

31 Days To Clean

Boy did I hit the jackpot yesterday. There's a little Ebook I've had my eye on for awhile now. It's called 31 Days To Clean by Sarah Mae.   Click Here to head over to the link to buy the Ebook for only...wait for it...wait for it...$2.50.  It's 50% off during the month of April.

Every day there is a Mary Challenge and a Martha Challenge.  The Mary Challenge has to do with a heart issue and the Martha Challenge gives you a hands on task.

So, yesterday's challenge was to figure out why YOU want a clean house.  My bottom line?  It makes me feel peaceful.  I wanted to say because it makes my family feel peaceful.  But I changed it because the reality is they'd be perfectly happy in clutter.  They are boys.  The peaceful atmosphere is for me.  Clutter drains me.  Order energizes me.  When I am energized I bless my family and all who enter. 

This makes me so happy.  Knowing WHY a clean house is important to me.  I printed it out and threw it in a frame I had on hand.  It is sitting right on my desk by my computer.  Yesterday Sally Clarkson talked about how no one else in the world will take responsibility for your well being except for you!

I'd like to give away a free copy of Sarah Mae's book.  To enter the contest, just leave a comment.  Monday I will announce the winner!


Allison said...

I want a peaceful house! :) :) :)

Jennifer F. said...

Sure, put me in... I need all the help I can get!

Angela Spicer said...

I really need a book on cleaning that will help me keep it scheduled and organized. We're always uncomfortably between straightened and cluttered but rarely deep cleaned and almost never organized.

Rhonda said...

Love reading your blog! You are my kind of girl! Love a clean and organized house! Love to learn new ways of keeping it that way!

New Every Morning said...

Oh girl. I need this book. Since our house is on the market, I've had to keep a clean house. Needless to say, my attitude isn't the best since we've now been on the market for 9 months.
I do love a clean house ... on my terms. Sounds like this book will reconnect my attitude with the peace I feel in a clean home.
Thanks for such a great giveaway!!!

Amy said...

You have no idea how much help I need with this!!! I assume it explains how to hog-tie your children in the backyard so you can get some cleaning done?