Monday, April 30, 2012

The Laundry Bomb

Today I have good news and bad news.   Click Here for my post on homemade laundry soap.  For $16.00 I was hoping it was a life-changing discovery.  Several of my friends had made their own laundry soap before and were not thrilled with the results.  The bad news is, neither was I.

I heard what they said, but optimistic me just had to try anyway.  I've come to a conclusion.  Homemade laundry soap did not leave our clothes sparkling white and clean.  Our whites turned a dingy shade of gray.  The boys socks took a hard hit with my soap, I'm going to buy new.  They are hard on all their clothes anyway because they play outside so much. 

Last week at Shoe Carnival the boys were trying on shoes.  That's when I really noticed how not white their socks had become.  I tried to not get paranoid when the guy on the microphone announced a special on white socks while we were trying on summer flip-flops.

Even though I treated stains with Oxyclean spray, spots on dark clothes did not come out with my soap.  I've also discovered that no matter who tells you this, it's a discovery you have to make on your on.  Once the allure of saving millions of dollars on laundry soap comes across your radar, it's just a journey you have to embark on yourself.  I am experimenting with adding more of my homemade soap to each load to see if that helps.  The recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon.

Last week I opened up a fresh box of Gain.  The way the water sudsed again was music to my eyes ears.  Soapy water!  Yes!  This I had missed!

And this, the good news...the Downy UnStoppables.  I'll forever thank Becke' for sharing this little ray of sunshine with me.  They are tiny, blue, yummy smelling beads.  You add them to the wash at the beginning.  They make your laundry smell A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  They are pricey so you just want to use them on sheets and towels.  $6.97 at Wal-Mart or a 2 pack at Sam's Club for $9.97.

I still have a good amount of the homemade soap.  I'm not throwing it away so I'm just alternating Gain and the homemade until Jesus returns or until I finish it up.

Cheers to clean clothes on a rainy Monday!


New Every Morning said...

Haha! God sure has a sense of humor! Did you see my post for today?? My recipe for homemade laundry detergent. Yup.
SO funny!!!

Jennifer F. said...

Hmm, mine's doing ok so far. I do add a scoop of Oxy Clean to each load that matters (like clothes), so maybe that helps. I've only been using the homemade for couple of months though. And I have girls. :)

Jennifer F. said...

Oh, and the cloth diapers don't smell, so to me that's a pretty good indication that it's working!