Thursday, April 19, 2012

Before and After

Today for your viewing enjoyment I have some videos for you.  The top is a day in our life!  We live in our home and this is the lived in look.  The video below is how we tie up the loose ends at the end of the day. The bottom video is my goal for how I want the house to look before we leave to go somewhere or before I go to bed.  Waking up and walking into peace is always my goal.


New Every Morning said...

yep. love you dearly.

And your profile pic? perfection.

Country Mom City Mom said...

I agree...that profile picture is exactly how I want to picture all times.

Thank you for the videos! That was fun. My kids loved it. Right now they are having a detailed conversation about the ratio of boys and girls in your family.

You are so cute! Good job on being a fly lady! I can learn so much from you ;)