Tuesday, April 17, 2012


"Where there is jealousy and selfish ambition you find disorder and every kind of evil practice"

Think about a place where you are experiencing disorder in your life.  Can you trace the root back to either jealousy or selfish ambition?

By definition jealousy means feeling envious over something your eyes have seen that you don't have.  Selfish ambition is self-seeking-looking out for your own needs/desires.

I don't need to define disorder.  We've all experienced the confusion and chaos that disorderliness brings. 

When my first son was born I experienced jealousy toward my husband.  He got to get dressed and go to work every day.  He even got to go to restaurants for lunch somedays and have a Dr. Pepper and a burger while I was at home with the baby.  The grass seemed greener and I was jealous of him getting to leave the house.  It resulted in disorder in my heart toward him which poured over into my attitude toward him during that season.

No one would say they want disorder, jealousy or selfish ambition to define who they are.  They are not character qualities we want to be true of us.  We want the opposite of those things. 

The opposite of disorder is arrangement, method, order, organization and system.

The opposite of jealousy is contentment, satisfaction, and happiness.

The opposite of selfish ambition is kindness, caring and giving.

Ask yourself if selfish ambition or jealousy is at the root of your disorder.  Disorder can be found in relationships (with friends, your spouse, your children).  It can be found in your work and in your home.

Pray that God will reveal the hidden places.  If you find you have jealousy or selfish ambition in your life then you need to acknowledge your sin.  Repent from it.  Ask God to replace your sinful desires with godly ones that reflect Him.

How do you know if jealousy and selfish ambition are a sin for you?

Does it result in death for you?  Because if it results in death that is a good indicator that it is sin for you.  James says sin always leads to death.

So, take the quiz.  Look around today and see if you experience disorder.  When you see disorder ask God to give you eyes to see.  Is there jealousy?  Is there selfish ambition?

James 3:16

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Country Mom City Mom said...

Oh! Thanks for writing this! :) Since you spoke this great wisdom into my life this morning...I've been pondering on this issue and God has used it in my life/heart. Hubby and I just got done discussing it. Now I don't need to blog about it ;)