Wednesday, April 4, 2012

$1.00 Makeovers

Every week we host Community Group and have between 20-50 people.  We eat together and usually use paper products.  The problem is, sometimes you run out and the glass plates can be bulky/cumbersome.  The solution?  Wal-Mart!  You can get 4 packs of plates, bowls, grown-up cups and kids sized cups for $1.00 for a set of 4.  For under $20 I got 16 adult cups, 18 kids cups, 16 bowls and 32 dinner plates.

Aren't they so cheerful?

Throw in a couple packages of disposable forks...

Wet wipes for kid clean-up, napkins and straws, and we're ready to party!

The old, cluttered drink glass cabinet

The new and improved drink cabinet.  We're using Mason Jars for Iced Tea glasses by the way, I highly recommend it.  There aren't too many things quite as happy as a Mason Jar filled with Sweet Tea and a Lemon Wedge.

These are salad plates that we never use.  So, I'm selling them in our yard sale.  It feels like a rebel move.  Like I'm breaking some sort of law selling part of a set of dishes.  But why not?  If we never use them, they need to go.

Out with the old, in with the new.

These are going to be so easy to get down for large gatherings.  I went ahead and added plastic forks, straws, napkins and wet wipes to this shelf and now we're ready for business.  We can have them hand washed, dried and put away in 10 minutes. 


Country Mom City Mom said...

This is exciting! I did this several years ago. Now all of my Wal-Mart plates look NASTY. Really, seriously, disgusting. Maybe I need to go shopping!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

we had some and i threw them away too! i always loaded them up in the dishwasher and over time they got white spots on them.

this go round, i'm going to hand wash and dry them to see if it helps them last longer. we'll see!

it only took me 10 minutes to wash and dry all of them and i bought a lot!