Friday, December 2, 2011

An Unmade Bed

An unmade bed is the root of all evil. 

I don't know how the bed being unmade makes the newspaper stay on the floor by the chair, I just know it does. Why are we getting free subscriptions to the paper anyway? They hate us. Who are they anyway?

Look, more unmade beds.  It's virtually impossible for the little clothes to make it back on the hangers and I see why.  The beds are unmade and we are still getting free papers.

Something must be done to save the day.  First step of action-set the mood by lighting a candle.  Second step of action-turn on some tunes.

Third step of action-set the timer.  30 minutes should do the trick to keep me focused.  The beds must be made.  The day must be saved.  The papers must be burned.

Prepare a quick gourmet lunch if you need to buy some time with the young en's.

And for the love of Pete, go make your bed.  Order will follow.

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