Tuesday, December 6, 2011

God's Will For You

Do you ever wander about finding God's will for your life?
Sometimes it can seem like some elusive thing just beyond your reach.  You know you have been created with certain talents, passions and interests, yet you are not certain what to do with them.

There seems to be a main theme that keeps coming across my radar lately.

It has to do with five little letters we like to call today.

Sometimes finding God's will for your life has to do with finding peace in your circumstances.  Looking into the window of today and seeing it through eyes of contentment.  Maybe a change is on the horizon and maybe it is not.  Either way there is news for you pertaining to your current situation.

There is a promise you can hang on to if you choose to.  It is a promise that you can live within the boundary of today.  You don't even have to worry about tomorrow.  The sun will set and the sun will rise and you do not have to choose to worry.

Maybe you feel you have lacked opportunity to explore new places the Lord is leading.  We'll talk more about this later this week.  For now though, finding his will for your life comes wrapped neatly and beautifully in a package called today. 

Have you asked Him to show you?  To show you what He has in mind for your life?  To reveal His plans and make them viewable with your earthly eyes?  Have you taken even 5 minutes to share with God what is on your mind?  To approach His throne of grace to receive the mercy you need in your time of need?

After you approach the throne of grace in prayer there will be something else for you to do.  Tangible instructions for you to follow.  Are you ready?

In everything, give thanks.  Whatever filters into your corner of the world today, thank Him.  Find a way.  Thank him in the waiting. 

Today will fold up quietly and before you know it you'll be curled up under your covers drifting off to sleep tonight.

The moon and the stars will hang in the sky.   The sun will rise tomorrow and there it will be-another gift for you wrapped neatly and beautifully in a package called today.

I Thes 5:16-19
Phil 4:10-13
Heb 4:16

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Anonymous said...

Love this and thank you for the sweet reminder! - Sherry