Thursday, December 15, 2011


 I got in the car, buckled up and started on my 30 minute drive home.  It was dark and cold outside.  Something was falling in sheets from the sky.  Was it rain or snow?  I could not tell.  I kept going back and forth in my mind trying to figure it out.

Surely it was not snow.

I had not prepared for snow.  I knew nothing about a possibility of snow.  No, it had to be rain, if snow was coming, I would've known.  For 25 minutes all I could think about was one question.  What is this that is falling from the sky, unexpectedly?

When I was about 5 minutes from home the debate was settled.  Crazy as it was for me to believe, there was no more question this was snow falling.  I began to see the faintest trace starting to accumulate on the road.  It hit the windshield and melted instantly.

An unexpected snow.

For most of my journey, unbelief kept me from fully enjoying the unexpected gift.  I could see it but my unbelief kept me from really seeing it.

The last 5 minutes of my trip turned into holy ground.  I turned up the song below and worshipped.

As I near home I drive over big hill.  More like a road that has been carved out of a mountain.  One of my favorite places in our city, especially at night. For an instant when you reach the top of the hill, you see the city lights and feel like you are in a Mary Poppin's movie dancing on rooftops.  A grand flag flies in the distance lit up at night by a single spotlight.

     You see ridges of rolling hills in the distant.  Tonight there was a glow around the street lights and snow drifted through the air and words of truth filled my car.

Unbelief always keeps me from being able to see.

There was no getting back the lost 25 minutes but there was now.

And I celebrated.

When I got home we all celebrated.

Woke the boys up and went outside to play.

Stayed up way too late and laughed and I'm pretty sure accidentally woke up the neighbors.

Praying for eyes to see His fingerprints on my day.


Jacqueline said...

2 super cute cottagey houses! Which one is yours?

New Every Morning said...

Nope. Not a bit jealous. No, not me. Nuthuh.
Okay, TOTALLY jealous that you got some of the white stuff. Can I come visit? :)