Thursday, December 8, 2011

God's Will For You Part II

It starts by finding contentment with where your feet have been planted today.

By asking God to give you wisdom to reveal his plans for your day/life.

Then you can ask yourself a question. 

Is there any new information/opportunity has God presented to me today?

When God places opportunity in your path that is your chance to respond.  Yesterday in my Bible Study group one lady reminded us of how God wants us to be faithful to the little He's given us before He will provide us more.

I'll share an example.  Shane and I have been praying about how to approach gift giving for Christmas this year.  We landed on a modest amount of money that we will spend on each family member.  It's not a huge amount and I'll be honest.  I've wrestled with feeling guilt over our lack of extravagance.  But the bottom line is we are giving within our means.  No credit cards. 

Giving thanks for what we have and staying within the boundary.  It is a constant dying to self and a constant act of choosing to be thankful.  We are Black Friday shoppers.  Not this year.  We knew if we looked we'd find.  Find what we thought we needed but did not really need.  I could not even look at the ads.  I glanced at one for a minute and had to look away.  I knew I'd be tempted to want what I didn't have and I was. 

We are making a choice to be strategic.  To take God up on His Word when He says it is more blessed to give than receive.  Sunday at church one of our Pastors showed a video.  It was new information for me.  Watch this.

I have known there is unclean drinking water in the world.  But it was not until I saw with my own eyes that I really understood.

It was new information.

My eyes were opened.

Things were put into perspective.

Each one of my children will receive a couple gifts at Christmas and the cost of their gifts will each equal the cost of one life changing water filter for a family for life.

New information.

New responsibility.

A new choice.

"Suppose you can be trusted with very little.  Then you can be trusted with a lot.  But suppose you are not honest with very little.  Then you will not be honest with a lot."  Luke 16:10

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