Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Six Days

I've been offline for 6 days.

Six days of being unplugged.

You know what happens with 6 uninterrupted days from the noise?

There is a lot of joy in our home.

The boys are laughing.

Closets are shaping up.

Bags of clothing are lining the walls of the garage to be given away.

Peace is replacing the chaos as I have had time to get rid of the stuff that clutters our lives and minds.

Dinner is marinating in the fridge.

Fresh fruits and veggies are cut up ready to eat.

We're focusing on schoolwork done with excellence.

I am energized.

There is a spirit of unity among us.

When I spend time away from the computer it feels more and more like a "worthless idol" that fights to consume the better part of my time.

One thing I have been thinking about this week is this small window of opportunity I have with my boys.  The window from toddler hood when they start talking to about the middle school aged years.

This small window is one where if I am available for my boys I have the huge potential to shape their minds and thoughts.  I don't want to miss the window.  The window to fill them with truth from God's Word.  The window to be available.  The window to constantly be calling forth truth in their little lives.

Me being available.  Me being focused.  Me being intentional.  That's what I've been thinking about the last 6 days.


Amanda said...

As always, am encouraged by your perspective and how you point us to Jesus. One thing I know...the blog/online world will go on, but our kids need us to be PRESENT!

New Every Morning said...

It's a beautiful small window... enjoy the view. :)
You've been missed, but I'm proud of you being willing to set your priorities. Hugs