Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Duggar's

Two weeks ago while our family was on a little weekend getaway we spent the day at a pizza place filled with games, food and fun.  10 minutes after we got there the Duggar family showed up.  We were thrilled!  Jim Bob and Michelle are the nicest people.  Not only are they nice, but they are godly.  I told Michelle that she always encourages me, and she does.  She does not yell at her children.  The Word of God is the standard by which they live by.  They are focused on raising up kids who love God.  We got to spend 6 hours at the pizza place that day and they were there most of the time.  There kiddos are so well-mannered and were so filled with joy.  Joking around with our kids and everything.  Josh told my boys 5th grade was the best 5 years of his life!
Jim Bob sits those kids down and points them to what The Word says about stuff.  I remember when Jim Bob Sr. died and he sat the kids down and explained what happened to Grandpa.  That his body was here but since he knew the Lord, his spirit was in heaven.  He read scripture to them and prepared them before they ever went to the funeral home.

Here's a picture of there bus next to ours!!!

They are a good family.  They have good kids.  They use the call God has placed on there lives to bring glory to God, to point people to Him.  One of the workers at the pizza place came up to my family and said how excited they were that TLC was filming the show that day.  They had spent days cleaning up the place, making sure everything was working properly and sparkling.  It was a big deal for "normal" people who worked at a pizza joint to have TV crews come in and film a show.  The guy said many of them had no idea who The Duggar Family was.  You know what happened as a result of a good family with a good witness?  People noticed.  Their children, so well-behaved, kind, well-mannered, that leaves an impression.  When they left, there were post cards all around the pizza place.  Jim Bob even signed one and handed it to me.  You know what it says?

God is blessing them with #20.  Christian people will speak against them. Speak against a family walking in God's calling on their lives and using it to bring glory to God.  Haven't we all been called to walk down the path we were uniquely created and designed for?  Matthew 12:36 says we will give an account for every careless word spoken.  I think the enemy loves to get the church up in arms by causing their eyes to look around at what other people are or are not doing.  He loves the division. 

 So, there ya go.  My opinion.  I love the Duggar family.  Anytime I see someone walking in the unique path God has placed them on and giving God the glory it makes me all kinds of happy.  Sometimes the road we're asked to walk down is very different from those around us.

I bet God wishes we'd stop looking around so much and fix our gaze on Him.


Wendy Thibault Kane said...

I love the Duggars, too! I've seen Michelle and a few of the girls up here at the Rhea Lana's consignment sale. :) I truly am convinced that with childbearing, they totally "leave it up to God." Some of us who call ourselves Christians would do well to follow their example.

The Merediths said...

Back in my NWA days, way before the Duggars were TLC stars, I attended a Weight Watchers meeting in person. Living in NWA, I had heard of the Duggars because Jim Bob had run for public office but I really didn't know anything about them. On that day, I noticed a woman with long hair accompanied by her young daughters, all dressed very conservatively. Everyone talked in the meeting about taking the fat out of their food and when she spoke she elaborated about how it was so important for her to teach her girls and why they were there with her the importance of good health and nutrition. When the meeting was over, one of the girls walked over to me and handed me an envelope. Every woman in the meeting received one. I opened it up in the car and it was a Christmas card with an entire HANDWRITTEN paragraph telling me that Michelle and the girls were praying for me on my weight loss journey and how much Christ loves us and how to receive salvation. At that time, I was impressed that Michelle, herself, had handwritten at least 20 cards and given them to semi-strangers in a random weekly WW meeting. Since watching them on TV, I have come to respect them even more because, bless America, how she never raises her voice to her 20 children and my voice is probably heard at your house some days with my TWO children amazes me. I'm a Duggar groupie, too. I'm glad you got to meet them. What a hoot!

Leslie said...

Thanks for posting this. It means so much to me to hear your heart on the subject. I'm so glad you got to spend time with the Duggar Family. I'm a little jealous, but if someone was going to get to do it BESIDES me, I'm glad it was you!=)