Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Lied

I didn't mean to lie to the lady at the deli counter yesterday.

It wasn't until last night at 10:58pm as I laid in bed drifting off to sleep that I realized my conversation with the deli counter lady was not entirely true on my part.  Yesterday the boys and I were grocery shopping.  As the sweet lady sliced our ham she asked about my boys being in school.  I shared with her that I teach them at home.  That we believe God has led us this direction so that we can build a firm biblical foundation in their hearts before we release them into the world.  We want a few more years to be the primary voice in their lives.

And then.  I patted one of them on the head and "jokingly" said, "But I sure hope one day they get to go to school!"

It hit me last night as I laid in bed that that is not at all what my heart feels.  I think in my effort to not make people feel strange about our decision to homeschool I over compensate by making sure they know I'm not condemning their choice of schooling, whatever it may be, in any shape or form.  I'm so paranoid about making sure people know that I never judge their choice of schooling that I think I haven't allowed myself to be free to express the sheer joy we've found in our lifestyle of having our boys at home.

This morning when each of my boys woke up I reminded them about Mommy talking to the lady at the deli counter and "joking" with her how I sure hoped there'd come a day when they got to go to school!  I shared with them how having them at home is the joy of my days! I told them that statement was not at all true, that I love this time with them.  It is such a sweet fit for our family.

The freedom.

The ability to be the primary voice in their lives.

The Word of God being the barometer by which we measure our hearts, attitudes and mouths, even at 10:30 in the morning.

The restfulness of it.  They are not over-tired.

Field Trips-learning by hands on experience.

The playtime!  If we want to play at the playground all afternoon on a gorgeous Fall day we can.  If we want to stay up late to watch Sunday night football as a family we can.

The flexibility of schedule.  We started school earlier in the summer when it was a million degrees outside and to hot to go out and play.  Because of that we are taking a break from Thanksgiving to New Year's to bake cookies, enjoy the Christmas tree, sit by the fire, read good books and just have some good old fashioned fun.  No lessons for over a month!

It just feels really good to have them home with me.

Me being the one to see the light bulbs go off is awesome.

I love it.

I really, really love it.

After almost 1 1/2 years of having my boys in school at home, my eyes are starting to open up the wonderful rich benefits of it.

As hard as I fought the Lord in my Spirit not to homeschool, I'm thankful He wouldn't release the still small thought in my heart and stayed with me until I finally obeyed.

The blessings of obedience are sweet and abundant.

I've been reluctant to fully express my joy about it all but last night I felt God gave me the freedom that it's OK to enjoy the road we're walking on.

And I am enjoying it more than I ever would have dreamed!


Heather said...

Love this post!! Being a home-schooled child myself, I know that feeling very well. I plan to homeschool them until they show me that they have a good grasp on God's reality and not this world's. However long that may be. :)

Becke' said...

God is teaching me that our truest joy comes in our purpose and mission...if He has laid it on your heart to teach your children, then there is much joy to be found in that!

Amanda said...

Great post. So glad you feel the freedom to share that! Appreciate your transparency.

New Every Morning said...

Ah friend, I love this post. I, too, find myself not allowing myself to say how much I love this path of homeschooling for fear of coming across as judgy toward those who haven't been called to it. I DON'T judge and I know the feeling of being judged, so I'm probably overly careful. But here, among friends, I want to shout an AMEN!!! to your post. It is wonderful, the freedom; the chance to be together; this gift of time with my children. Good for you for speaking the truth ... I'm cheering you on!