Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shoe Talk

Camel or Tan shoes will revolutionize your shoe wardrobe.  It's a sometimes overlooked color.  Usually we think in terms of black or brown (or if you are my Mom, RED).  My camel colored sandals for the summer are a perfect go to.  The best thing about this color is you can wear black or brown with them, and for accessories-silver or gold.

When I wear brown shoes I tend toward gold jewelry and accessories.  When I wear black shoes I tend toward silver jewelry and accessories.  And it goes without saying that pearls are the perfect pick for anything you're wearing.

Sometimes you just need a good neutral shoe so you can have the freedom to accessorize how you want.

One other shoe shopping is very helpful to search the web to get an idea of the style your eye is drawn to.  Zappos is a fabulous shoe site to get ideas.  JCPenny has really great prices on shoes.  Often times if you use a department store-you can order online and if you need to exchange you don't have to fuss with shipping-you just return to the store if the size is not right or comfortable.  And remember,

If the shoe fits, but it in every color.

Where is your favorite place to find shoes?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

TJ Maxx in Conway - hands down when you catch them restocked they have super prices.

I found a pair of great $100 shoes for $34.99 - but not in my size :(. Oh - and if you find that special wonderful pair of Sofft burgundy shoes I let get away in a size 8,PLEASE yell. i NEED them.

Love Ya!