Thursday, December 2, 2010


would you believe me if i told you that yesterday afternoon i got a hankerin?

i got a hankerin to spray paint my dining room chairs white

they are a beautiful cherry wood


years of cleaning has left them shallack impaired

that is code for the finish is all crazy looking


it was crazy looking

till the crazy sprayer got ahold of them

while my hubby was at work

apparently this is the type of thing he wants to know about before i just tackle it

did you even research it woman?


heck no

when a woman gets a hankerin ain't no time to research or sand

plus even i know that all men think it is against the law to paint wood and brick

this is going to cost me a lot of money woman

i'm going to have to sand those chairs down and redo them the right way


i'll just sand down the spray paint drip parts

vintage feel ya know?

hancock fabrics had a beautiful butter yellow fabric clearanced to $5 a yard

oilcloth was my initial desire for the chairs cushions


the grumpy lady at hancock's told me i could scotch guard real fabric real good

and that should keep em' clean

she hasn't seen my clan eat
rachel ray's broken spaghetti and mini meatball stoup

but even though i have seen em' eat it i still went with the butter yellow

white chairs with yellow fabric

shut. up.

i know.

in my research i read the can and it says don't paint in weather below 50 degrees.

do the weather god's hate me? it's 26 degrees outside right now.

is it wrong for a God lovin' woman to say weather god's on a blog?

yea, i got that feelin' too.
scratch that.

back to the hancock fabric ladies.

pretty sure they hate to see me coming.

we always pile out of the bus with a 4 ring circus.

3 boys and an 85 year old grandma who can't hear

what? she thinks it is cute to let the baby out of the buggy to run amuck

the baby screams want down the entire time

and i morph into a fabric induced stupor when i walk through the doors

that is code for my eyes are on strips and plaids and not on my parenting 101 handbook

that would be stripes, not strips

yesterday i almost got a cheesy looking bird fabric
what is it with birds and cupcakes making the comeback anyway?

feeling very thankful that temporary moment of insanity was nipped at the bud

ok, gotta go.

pesky routine starts in, oh, it was supposed to start 18 mintues ago.

shame on me.


Anonymous said...

gosh you are funny.

Amy said...

Hahahaha!! I love it! Please promise to post a picture of your chairs when they're all done. Also, please post a pic of the chairs after the next spaghetti meal, kay?