Thursday, December 9, 2010

5 year old perspective

Today my son and I went for his Kindergarten physical.

Watching him sit on the table like a big boy put the biggest grin on my face. The little boy who was born so sick. The little boy who we weren't sure would make it into this world and spent the first week of his life in the NICU.

Watching him sit on that table like a big boy made me overcome with thankfulness for his precious life.

He wants to be a police officer so he can catch the bad guys.

Today he is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. That is code for he is a big boy like his Mama Dad.

He has ears that hear and eyes that see. What a gift.

He sucks his thumb and sleeps with a blanky and I could eat him up it's so sweet.

He is a tenderhearted, God lovin, story tellin', Mama lovin cuddle bug.

This morning over breakfast he said, "What about if every single person in the world showed Satan love and prayed for him so that he would know God?" Who thinks of extending compassion and mercy to Satan? The tender heart of a 5 year old, that's who.

He likes to me comb his hair how it breaks my heart. When he gets out of the bathtub, I comb his hair all nice and gentlemen like and I always tell him how he breaks my heart. So, now, he always wants me to comb his hair how it breaks my heart.

The days pass too quickly. 5 years. What will the next 5 years hold?


Karen said...

so precious, how you have described him. I can just see his little wet parted hair! Yes, they do pass by quickly - hold him tight. Mine is 14 & 21.

Anonymous said...

This makes my heart happy!

-ur man

The Spunky Kiwi said...

Oh my goodness how sweet! He is such a precious lil man. I hope they had fun last night. He will make an excellent po-po, snake in the grass, the fuzz... I can't believe it is time for his kindergarten physical! Give him love from Neddie!

Amy said...

Oh, I love this!! Don't you just want to bottle them up before they get any bigger?? Sweet boy.

New Every Morning said...

Why you make me cry on a Friday afternoon? :)

Such sweet momma-sentiments. Another reason why I love ya!

'The H Family' said...

soooo fun seeing you at that 'big boy' appt!! mamas have to get our 'chit chats' in whenever and wherever we can!! :) such a sweet are def a 'mother to 3 boys' that i look up to, adore, and admire!! :)