Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kohl's Cash, Pneumonia & Other Earth Shattering Thoughts

Well, only 11ish shopping months till Christmas.

Can you believe that?

It flew by in a whirlwind for us.  We had family in from out of state, my aunt and my brother and his family, and we really enjoyed fun times of eating and playing games with them.  This year it was a simple Christmas for us.  When I say simple, the boys still had great things, but nothing was over the top.  I think I've mentioned we are doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  That means we had a cash only Christmas.  And let me tell ya, the stuff sprouts wings and flies off.  Part of me felt like a failure as a mom for not spending hundreds and hundreds on my kids.  That is pitiful to admit, but it's true.  The day before the day before Christmas I left Wal-Mart and was consumed with guilt over Christmas.  I knew it was the enemy planting lies in my head.  The good news is, Sunday morning came, the boys were very happy and we had not put one dime on a credit card.

Which leads me to Kohl's Cash.  Whoever invented the concept is a genius.  It seems in the world there are 2 types of people.  Those who love Kohl's and those who could take it or leave it.  I usually fall into the second category and I don't know why.  It is a fine store with really great deals I just never think to go there for some reason.  However, the day after Thanksgiving I went in to buy some of their amazing The Big One blankets, which are the best, softest things in the world.  I may or may not have purchased a black knit shirt with the word's SANTA BABY gem-magiced and bejeweled on the front, but hey, sometimes a woman does crazy things to get that Kohl's Cash.

Anyway, it is such a great concept.  Let me get you to upsize your purchase so you can come back in and use some free cash in a week or so at which time you'll probably end up spending a little more than you anticipated.  Case in point:  Last year.  I bought an insane amount of table cloths.

Which type are you?  Do you love you some Kohl's Cash?

Our little red head has pneumonia.  He is such a sweet, cuddly thing and he gets pneumonia so easily.  We are spending a quiet next few days at home so he can get better.   We'll have the Christmas lights on and fire up the fireplace.  What?  Oh sure I'll tell you what's on the menu, I'm so glad you asked.

-Chicken, Bacon & Monterrey Jack Quesadillas
-Spaghetti & Garlic Bread

Do you ever make Stromboli?  You get a package of the Rhode's 3 loaves in the frozen bread section of the store.  It takes a little over 3 hours to thaw a loaf out at room temp.  but once it is thawed you roll it into a rectangle.  You fill the middle with Ragu Pizza Sauce and your favorite pizza toppings.  Then you bring the sides up and pinch them closed.  Flip it over so the seam side is on the bottom of the pan and bake it according to the bread baking instructions.  Then you slice it and dip it into the extra pizza sauce (warmed up first).  It is so easy and fun and it makes your house smell like fresh baked bread.

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New Every Morning said...

My feelings towards Kohls ebbs and flows like the tides and seasons. This year, I was def. on a Kohls kick. I even opened an account so that I could get an extra 15% off my hubby's gift (Food Network knife set). Now that the Kohls Kash is flowing through my veins, I may never turn back ;)

Give pnem. boy a big hug for me. And have an extra slice of stromboli for me too.