Monday, December 13, 2010

The stockings were hung...

Come on into my bedroom and let's talk. You may remember me saying I wanted to do this. Well, turns out cute little Christmasy mittens were hard to find. Never fear, Targe' came to my rescue. In my opinion the little girls Christmas socks are much more fun than the little mittens. If you are wanting to do something like this in your home don't go buy clothes pins. I have 94 extras I'd be happy to share with you.

Every night I sleep with these on. My bedroom feels warm and cozy with the glow of the twinkly lights. Do you think colored twinkly lights have a more warm feel? I do.
So, last night after I tucked the Superheroes into bed, I gently shut their door and stepped out into the hallway. My eyes landed on a discarded t-shirt, inside out, thrown on the floor. There was also a small piece of construction paper. As I walked toward the kitchen I passed another room where pillows, crayons and other things were carelessy tossed aside on the floor.

And there I stood, tired and faced with a choice. I could go crawl into bed, under my cheerful garland and try to go to sleep. Problem is, waking up to clutter of any size does not start my day off right. I set my mental timer for 10 minutes and started grabbing things and quickly putting them away. 20 minutes later the clutter was all put away and I went to bed knowing this morning I'd wake up to a clean house.

7:19am Today: I woke up knowing it was going to be a productive day. Can you ever just sense it's going to be one of those great days? It's like the productivity hops onto the dust bunnies and just dances around the house. I'll spare you the details but it has indeed been a productive day.

Wrapping up here are a couple thoughts for you to think on:
  • If clutter makes you shut-down, pick it up. In a busy time of year your home should be your haven and place of rest. The place where the memories are made. 10-20 minutes makes a world of difference in the way your home looks
  • Lastly, invite God into the details of your day first thing in the morning. You and I both have lists of all we'd like to accomplish and allowing God to put in and take away what he desires is the best way to live.


New Every Morning said...

You always seem to say the right thing at the right time for me, friend!

LOVE your bedroom lights. How cozy yet romantic!

Jennifer said...

Cute idea!

I've been struggling with that myself. It'll be 11pm and I'm exhausted, but the kitchen is a mess with dishes and crumbs everywhere, there is still laundry in the washer and dryer and if I don't do something about it there won't be anything to wear because I have about 3 outfits that fit right now, I forgot to have Anna pick up her toys in the family room before bed, etc. I don't know when to quit. Problem is, there's ALWAYS one more thing, and one more thing... if I went to bed ready for the next day, I'd never get in bed!