Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sudsy Truth

Well friends you might as well know about my new bad totally liberating habit.

You know the drill.

The whites are done.

The darks are done.

The sheets have all been washed and put back on the bed.

The towels are done.

And you look into that pesky basket only to find some stragglers. How'd that black sweater, hand towel, 14 pairs of white socks and a blanket that needs to be washed on delicate make it's way into my empty basket.

You may remember this incident.

Something changed it me that day.

Don't even think I haven't gotten myself into a little habit of taking that annoying load of mis-matches and closing my eyes while I dump. it. all. in. without. even. consulting. the. labels.

Bugs & Sunshine. Getting it cleaned one medium sized jumbled load at a time.


New Every Morning said...

You wild thang!!!

I just cleaned the inside of my washer. Can I just say EEEwwww!!!! Funny how dirt can collect without me realizing it. At least it won't have to be done again for another 4 years. :)

Jennifer said...

I love it! That is so true! Those random things seem to end up sitting in my laundry basket for months.

Tracey said...

Ha! Lucky for me my husband does the I've long since given up on thinking the loads get properly separated! :))

:) T