Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I this. I that. Then I did this. Then we....

Come on in and pull up a chair, we gotta talk.

I hate to read posts like this one.

Seriously, they usually make me want to puke. What an attitude, huh? Just bein' real.

They are usually an attempt at motivating the reader toward something better and end up reading as pious and judgemental.

My thoughts today are not an attempt at some super-spirituality or condeming attitude toward mankind.

This post is me talking to myself but you can come in and take a listen if you want.

Or you can X out which is cool too, don't tell anyone but that's probably what I'd do if I were you.

Talking a lot about yourself.

Being consumed with your life and your corner of the world.

This morning we talked about PRIDE in our Bible study.

My teacher said when a person uses the word I a lot they have pride.

It is like a glaring red flag in conversation.

Guilty as charged.

It got me to thinking.

About the last time spent talking on the phone with a friend.

Was the conversation dominated by you telling about yourself?

Your lot in life?

Your accomplishments?

Did you ask the other person about them?

What about your time on Facebook.

Are your comments all about you?

Your story.

Your soapboxes and platforms?

Your rendition of the same thing that happened to you?

What about the last time spent in prayer?

God I want this, I don't want that...

Please do this, please don't do that...

It is such an ugly thing, that Pride.

It repels people.

It is draining to the listener's ears.

It is more repulsive to God than the smell of skunk is to us.

God Hates The Sin of Pride.

It is a stench to his nostrils.

Where is it hidden in my life?

That is the big question for you today LORD?

Make me despise it as much as you do.

Turn over the hidden stones.

Was pride the first sin in the garden?

Is it the easiest for Satan to tempt us with?

These are hard questions that cause anger to well up inside us at the mere mention of the subject.

Lord please uproot the ugliness so that your Glory and purposes can push through and shine for your renown.


Paige said...

Amen and Amen. All too often, this is where I find myself. I, I, I, me, me, me. Thank you for the prodding and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank you. and ouch!. My devo Mrs. Hamister did this morn was about thankfulness. And most times, I can't be thankful b/c things aren't going "my " way. Oh I'm a brat! I can't believe He love me! I so wouldn't!
Mari Beth

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Word. I cannot say enough AMENS to this.

You just climbed a zillion rungs in my book. Not that you need to-- just saying.

Lauren said...

Well said, Anna. At first I thought I might be exempt as a therapist because I spend my life listening to others' trials, but I think this is one area in which everyone can improve. When I come home at night, am I asking Cody how his day was? What he wants for dinner? How he's feeling? What he wants to do for the weekend? No, I'm just rambling about my day, my plans, my stress.... Definitely something to be more aware of.

Anonymous said...

Good words, Dear One. November is 'the' month of Thanksgiving. What a great time to begin to thank the Father for all that He is, has done, is doing, and will do.

When we adopt that mindset, it's a natural progression to magnify Him and minimize 'me'. He is huge. i am not.

And that's what people really want to see in other people. That there is a hope that is stronger than this moment or this circumstance.

People want someone to listen. And if my mouth is open my ears are not. This is a sweet reminder to humble ourselves, be kind, and give God first place in our lives and in our treatment of those He loves.

Love Ya Baby Girl --


New Every Morning said...

Ah, friend. What a great (and humbling) reminder. I don't want to be as stinky as a skunk. I want my life to be a sweet aroma to HIm.