Monday, November 15, 2010


My prayer the last 3 weeks has been that I will walk with the Lord.

In the dailyness of life, schedules and deadlines that I would be found walking hand in hand with Him.

An interesting thing has come out of walking with the Lord each day. There is joy even in busyness.

Have you been swamped with a plate full of commitments? It gets a little overwhelming doesn't it? My wise bible study teacher once told us to commit each day to the Lord. Allow him to take out and put in whatever he chooses.

Thankfully God has given us 24 hour segments to work with at a time.

His 24 hours.

This week I found a website of a beautiful girl named Katie, click here to be taken to her website. She is a woman who is living in the fullness of joy that God has to offer this side of heaven. She's enjoying the fullness of joy because she is walking with Him where He has led her. The JOY radiates from her face. My word the pain and suffering of some of her posts is gut wrenching. It is messy.

One look at her life will etch its memory in your mind for days to come. It will cause the life changing questions like, "Am I following you today LORD?" I live on a suburban street, have 2 nice cars, 3 boys and a full schedule. Our family goes to church. My man works 9-5 and I stay home with my babies all day.

You know what practically it is looking like for me this week? I'm hosting a lunch at my house Wednesday afternoon. Everything in me wants to deep clean. The itchin' to clean my blinds and suds up my baseboards is about to explode I want to tackle it so bad. Really, like visions of Pine Sol and a scrub brush are dancing in my head.

Everything in me wants to get my twinkle lights and Christmas balls and floral ribbon and deck the halls.

You know what it looked like last week? My very special friend got married and everything in me wanted to go to the consignment shop and get a cute new outfit. In my mind I schemed and schemed on how I could find some time to get over there to look. Do you know what the Lord told me? He said march your happy self right into your bathroom, open up that closet door, choose a shirt. Take it off the hanger, put it on and be happy because you've got sheets and a couple loads of laundry that need to be washed. You can shop another day.

I'm in the mood to write. To sit at my computer with a Peppermint Mocha and write.

And I don't know. I don't know if time is going to allow these things or not. But walking with God today for me practically looks like taking these desires for how to spend my time before the Throne because there may be some other things He has in store for how to spend the 24 hours he's given me today.

(things like posting a blog and being sure to make up words like dailyness and being extra sure to use plenty of runonsentences)


Geidlbots said...

So good. My day included having the kids make encouraging cards for their dad, stopping by Sonic, and going up there to eat a short lunch with him and hopefully brighten his busy day. School waited, naps waited. I love it when God gives us different plans. They're so much more rewarding!

New Every Morning said...

His 24. So perfect. If only I could remember that. Thanks for a much needed reminder, friend.