Friday, November 12, 2010

Pencil Me In

Apparently I don't know how to look ahead and plan nights off into my calender.

Do you find yourself in those situations too?

Times where you are kind of scared to peak at your calender because you know every day is full?

We are heading full swing into a busy time of year.

What a blessing to be celebrating so many wonderful things with friends. The wedding fairy has been visiting my friends and we've had the joy of celebrating so many friends and their big day. Huh. That means maybe this time next year the baby shower fairy might be visiting.

God is blessing my business and my calender is full of dates for fashion shows.

Thanksgiving is 13 days away. Christmas is 43 days away.

My desire for the busier times of year is to honor God every day and be able to enjoy all that the season has to bring. My sweet friend getting married tomorrow received some wise advice from her Mama.

"Take time to enjoy all the 5 senses. Enjoy the smell of the candles. Enjoy the beauty of the color and lights. Enjoy his hand holding yours. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the sound of laughter and singing."

In the midst of a hectic schedule, don't forget to pencil in times of rest and downtime for your family. Being able to enjoy life at an unhurried pace is a gift.
Slow down and enjoy the ride...


Anonymous said...

Good words, Sweet Child o' Mine.

May I add???.....forget the pencil. This time should be BOLDED in permanent marker, highlighted and marked with a big red star.

When your cup is empty - you've given all you had - no one is fed.

Take time to breathe - slow down - time just for YOU doing (or NOT doing) whatever brings you happiness.

Twas a sad day when my Dearly Beloved asked me "What do you enjoy doing???". And being the super sharp genius I am, I imeediately replied....I replied...ummm...I just sat there like dumbo and could honestly not thing of one thing.

Live Life, Sweetie. You only get one chance.

Love Ya!!!


Amanda said...

I think I will remember those words forever...or a version of them...for my sweet girls...well, and my little man!...when they are about to walk down the aisle. LOVE this. What a wise mom your friend has!!