Sunday, January 3, 2010

Grocery Store

Don't you love the way your food looks all spread out on the conveyor belt in January?

Whole Grains.



Green Leafy Lettuce.


Organic Milk.

Soy Stuff.

And then there is the poor couple I saw jogging in the 20 degree snow this morning while we were on our way to church.

Everybody gets right in January. That is until about week 3 when sickness hits your household and you all fall off the bandwagon. Right about the time Valentines day rolls around you are feeling good again and you let the chocolate and good times roll again.

Enjoy your pretty conveyor belt of organic food the next 2-3 weeks. Enjoy your frequent trips to the bathroom because you are drinking 64 oz of water every day. I am so sorry that it hurts to sit down when you pee because of all the workout videos you've been doing. You go! This is your year for change!

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Becke' said...

Chant it with me: Change, Change Change!!!