Friday, January 29, 2010

Where the old lamps found new homes.

When I scanned my bedroom looking for things that did not make me happy when I looked at them, a pair of lamps on my dresser were sticking out like sore thumbs. I cleared out everything that didn't feel like fit. Since my main goal right now is lightening up my bedroom, I took all the dark stuff out. Before placing them in a new home in the garage I walked around my house wandering if they could find a new home. This is the guest bathroom.
Hmm. I think I like this. The true test is how do I like it when the overhead light is off.
Oh yes, that is going to work just fine.

This feels more cozy because of a principle I learned in Interior Design classes in college. ROUNDED CORNERS. If you want a space to feel warm and cozy, round the corner. Place a lamp or tree in the corner to soften that hard angle.

This picture may not say much to you, but I cannot tell you how absolutely happy adding a lamp to your laundry room will make you feel. We have a fluorescent light in our laundry room so you can imagine how much nicer lamplight is. This is my home office you know. I spend a lot of time in here each week Shoutin' things out.

These last two pictures are because of my OCD. I wanted to see the two bedroom pictures side by side (even though technically they are on top of each other).

I am very exicted about something that begins Monday over here at Bugs & Sunshine. I am starting a series and we are going to have a ball with it. It's not all going to be about your home, but in a large part it is. If you are in the mood for some transformation then I'll see you next week and we're going to be shakin' things up a bit.


Mae said...

You're so fun. I'm going to look for some sharp corners. No wonder I love my piano - all round corners on that.

The Merediths said...

Oooo. I likey this idea of a new home spiffiness series. I need ideas like a skinny girl needs cake.