Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Clearance

You probably already know to do this, but just in case I am going to share anyway.

Christmas clearance is at rock bottom prices right now. As you are looking at the left-overs, try to think outside the box. There are a lot of things that would look cute in your home for year round use. All it is in need of is a $ .97 can of spray paint to turn it White, Black or Robin's Egg Blue. I suppose you could use other color's too.

Today at Lowe's I scored. You know, we are using cash only and I am telling you what. God is providing the neatest deals for me. I feel like it is a reward from Him for us being faithful with our resources. Before Christmas I cleared out the playroom. It was perfectly organized. After Christmas the boys got some really neat sets of toys (many of them with lots of little pieces). You know how that goes-everything gets jumbled together and they end up playing with nothing.

My sister in law Amy told me she got some smaller Rubbermaid storage containers to put individual sets of toys in. Seemed like a great idea so today I set out to find small, affordable Rubbermaid boxes.

We picked up Mamaw to take her around because you know the Winter Storm of 2010 is about to hit us hard and we'll all be stuck indoors. We went to Lowe's to get faucet covers 'cause Mamaw's worried to death our pipes are going to freeze :). When we walked in there was the beloved 75% Christmas Rack. Guess what it was filled with? Small storage bins with Green & Red lids for $1(small ones) and $2 (for medium ones). I filled my buggy up so fast it didn't know what hit it.

Here is the kind of shady part which made the deal feel a little less sweet. After I loaded up my cart this old man appears out of nowhere on the other side of the display and looked at me like, "Uh, I was going to buy those." I think it's rotten that old man did that. Came out of nowhere and acted all sad that I had taken them when he was nowhere around the display when I walked up, found them, enjoyed the heavenly lights and 2 rounds of the Hallelujah chorus, and loaded them into my buggy. But then he walked up and stood there looking at me like I had taken his last supper. Rue. You can have a coke. That's what Bon Qui Qui would say I know it. She'd call Sekurity so fast it would not even be funny.


Anonymous said...


I will cut you.


Anonymous said...

Well Dear y'know it's like my good Buddy Ernest used to tell me:

Jokers can't stand to see a fella happy.

That old toot can take his Sterilite Self to Home Depot. Oh yes he can. RUDE.

Y'Mama said it.