Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Is there a prescription for writer's block? We have stuff going on, it just doesn't feel blog worthy. Take yesterday for example, R finished using the bathroom and said, "Look mom, it's a family poop!" You don't really want to blog about that though because it's gross. Funny but gross.

I can only post so many times about our ginormous pillows, I mean they are really huge.

We're using a cash only system. Supposed to be anyway. There's been a few credit card transactions this week, but for the most part it's been good.

I have to tell you about the cute Jones New York dress my mom gave me because she wasn't wearing it. I love it so much. So much that Shane asked me two days ago if I would please stop wearing it. What's the deal, you don't like seeing me in the black and white dress everyday since you got back home? I'm washing it. Geesh.

My honey bought me a desk, printer cabinet and chair. It is so pretty and nice. The color is Cinnamon Cherry-it almost looks black and matches our bedroom suite perfectly. I have gotten so much work done this week.

Last week my friend Becke' invited me to go walking. Sure I said, I'll meet you at 7pm. After a little thought I called back and asked her to please not fire me from being a walking buddy with her, but asked what she thought about us walking up to Marble Slab to get ice cream and then walk home. Ahh, you like the idea too do ya? We had a great time walking, having ice cream and visiting.

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Lauren said...

did you really walk alllll the way to marble slab?! my good gracious!