Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We are the proud owner's of 5 new pillows. I don't know what to think about these gargantu pillows. On the one hand I love them because they are new and comfy. On the other hand when you lay your head on them it feels like you have about 7 pillows underneath your head.

So, the kids have been banging on them with spatula's and wooden spoons. You'd be surprised at the results we've seen in just 2 days time...they are breaking in very nicely. And, I found a bottle of Egyptian Cotton linen spray-it smells sooooooo good!
We also had to purchase a new shower caddy because last week I had one too many near death experiences with the thing falling down. We are still trying to catch up from all our traveling. Everyone is tired. I'm thankful we're all home though. Now it's time to plan and gear up for back to school.

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In His Army said...

Spatulas and spoons??!! Wish Id've known! I have had a new pillow for a couple of months and it is too fluffy...makes my neck hurt. I just put it in the closet and went back to the old one. Now I'm thinking about breaking it back out and giving it a good beating!