Monday, July 6, 2009

Athletic Shorts

Before we left for vacation I bought a pair of athletic shorts from Targe'. All my clothes are either pretty dressy or ghetto comfy-as in a pair of cut off sweats made into shorts. I wanted a nice pair of comfy shorts to wear with a tshirt and flip flops.

Champions had a great pair I chose. Here is the problem. I LOVE THEM. TOO MUCH. And the waist is elastic Sooooooo, those 3-5 or so pounds I've put on over the last couple weeks has kind of been camouflaged.

You can imagine my surprise when I put on my linen pants this morning in preparation for a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. It. Was. Not. Pretty. God Bless that poor button on my pants. I sucked it up though(literally). The temptation to wear my new favorite uniform was there, but I resisted.

So, this post is about a couple of things. First, a warning for investing in a great pair of athletic shorts you won't be running in. BE CAREFUL. They are very comfortable and don't care if you get seconds when you make Rachel Ray's Steakhouse Shepherd's Pie. And next, I'm breaking out the water jug to start drinking more. Water that is. Geesh.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that is my problem. I invested in some athletic (knee version) shorts at the beginning of the summer...tie string, mind you. Now, when I take them out of the dryer, I have to tell myself that they are mine and not Eric's. The waist on them looks huge. I think the fluorescent lights in the laundry room give a false optical illusion. Or, your theory on elastic/drawstrings is too correct. Sheesh, now I want to drink. Water, of course.

Betty said...

Yes, elastic, my downfall. I would advise against it whenever possible! It's hard to go back.

Susan said...

You are so funny!! I love reading your little comments on life:) Thanks for sharing about your new drinking problem... water of course;)