Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post Office Luncheon

What do you do when you have three small children, it's lunchtime, and you have 160 invitations to stamp and get in the mail?

That's Right! You load the bus and feed them lunch at the Post Office while you stamp those bad boys! The invitations not the kids. Our first ever Post Office Luncheon went over without a hitch.

We got to visit with a friend who just had a baby, and saw two ladies from church. The social aspect of the Post Office Luncheon was more fun than I had anticipated.

When I pulled up at the Post Office I was sitting in the bus getting all my Luncheon materials together, and a sweet little girl even opened the passenger door and hopped in, only to quickly hop right back out because her Mama's Red Bus was in her spot two cars down.

We shared a wave of camaraderie once she was safely in her Red Bus with her driver and it was the sweetest thing.


Michelle said...

What does one serve for a Post Office luncheon?

Leslie said...

Dude, I would have been there today too, but I had to go to the dr. office. I'm planning an afternoon snack event there thought, just in case your lunch was good enough to follow up with an afternoon snack...=)
That same thing happened to Scotty at the firework stand last week. A busy man got into our van and nearly had a heart attack when my husband leaned over to him and said, "I think YOU are in the WRONG VAN." HA!