Monday, July 20, 2009

I made it!

Well, it's official. My honey was gone on 4 weeks worth of missions trips (2 trips total) and me and the clan made it!

We went 20 days without seeing each other this last trip. He flew in from his trip Wednesday night and I left for my trip Wednesday morning.

Today has been spent blessing the house (good ol' cleaning for you non-flylady-er's out there in blogland). Tonight we are going to buy new pillows. I have not been sleeping good for awhile. On my trip I slept great. This morning when I woke up I said no mas! It is time for a new pillow so I'll sleep better and won't wake up with a sore back. So, tonight we're going on a mission to find 5 new pillows.

Not a super exciting update, but I have lots of fun stories to share over the next few days! Can't wait to read your blogs and catch up!


Becke' said...

Welcome back to the normal life! Never thought you wouldn't are an amazing Mommy and wife.

Mae said...

Glad you're back! Been missing your blogs! Question: Are you going to go to Rebecca's wedding?