Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Crazy Strawberry

Is this not the craziest strawberry you ever saw? Seen? Brain freeze on correct grammar at the moment. It almost felt wrong cutting the Siamese berry up for the strawberry shortcakes. Not that wrong, just a little.

When I snapped the last photo my camera asked, "Did someone blink?" Um. No. Crazy strawberry did not blink but thank you for asking and have a nice day.

We're gearing up for the 4th. The 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday of the year! I love it! Summertime. Heat. Redneck fireworks. When my parents moved kind of out of town we stopped going to the river for the huge fireworks display. They do a big neighborhood style thingamajig.

My dad must've bought 1 Million bottle rockets our first year. He kept shooting those puppies off one. by one. by one. It was really funny. Schwing. There goes the new guys fireworks.

Over here at our house we are changing the way we spell neighbor to Naber. Much easier. You're welcome for the simple tip for the day.


Jenny said...

love the new spelling of naber AND that's totally how i would've spelled thingamajig... never spelled it before but it's kinda fun!

rindy said...

oh, anna, you are as funny as ever. and, random factoid for ya...naber is turkish for "what's up". :-) happy 4th!!

Betty said...

I had strawberries this weekend too, but with Alicia's homemade ice cream. Best ever!