Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This morning SP was asking for Straw-bebbies. We were out and I meant to go by Kroger yesterday to get some more. Well, Mamaw pulled up at around 10:30am in her little red truck. She always brings something with her for the boys-crackers, fruit, things like that. Well, it was really neat because today she had 2 boxes of Strawbebbies in her bag. It was neat to see how God provided for little SP's want.

Last night we were reading about how God provided a manger for Baby Jesus and that he always provides what we need. It was neat to see God provide something SP wanted, especially after we just talked about it last night!

And speaking of fruit, this morning at Operation Family Breakfast, Shane read a story about giving to God what is his-tithing. The lesson on the Bible story said that when someone doesn't give God their firstfruits they are saying they don't trust God. I had never, ever thought of it that way. I always just thought of it as an obedience thing-we give because God has told us to. The trust aspect makes a lot of sense though! God has been putting that verse in Malachi 3:10 in my heart lots lately-about bringing him the best and first of all we have, and he says to watch and see if he won't bless us with so much we won't know what to do with it.

p.s. today was omelette and hashbrowns day.


7TimeChampion said...

Tomorrow is waffle day...any sides you desire?

bugs & sunshine said...

berries and powdered sugar!!!