Friday, July 11, 2008

Speech Evaluation!

SP went to get his speech evaluated today and was SO cute. On the video SP is telling you how he went to school and helped his teachers. He looked in Megan's mouth and then Megan looked in his mouth and I looked at pictures, and she looked in my ears and everything and they're lookin' good. Bye.

I love that little guy so much. He spiked that hair up, put on his best Hawaii shirt, got his soccer flip-flops on and out the door we went. It was a very fun moment for Shane and I to watch him answer all the questions and do the activities. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

SP is a smart little dude. He told his "teachers", Megan & Amy, how he fixed his own hair this morning all by himself, and he didn't use Daddy's gel, he used his own hair blue (glue).

When we were done, I took him to get a snack out of the machine for a prize. He picked a Pepsi-I don't even want to go into my spill about Pepsi campuses because I think it's a outrage :), but that's what he picked. He asked if we could get one for Neddie. He is a thoughtful little guy, always thinking of other people. I think he gets that from his Daddy who is a huge servant and very thoughtful of other people.

We just had a ball this morning though! We saw SP's ear drums on the T.V. screen. Turns out it doesn't look like the drums at church after all. Did you know you have 2 ear drums? It totally makes sense you would have one in each ear, but WHO KNEW!!!!! Cuz I'm a Blonde B-L-O-N-D....Cuz I'm a blonde don't you wish you were you know that song? Now that EVERYONE knows about the 2 ear drum thing, I think I can go now! Bye.