Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is the new name of my posts that will include a plethora of thoughts. Did I use that big word in the right context? I sure hope so.

THE SERIOUS ONES: Shane and I have noticed how the serious posts get no comments. Interesting.

Little Darlin': I took LD to the doctor because he was spitting up, choking sometimes and fussy quite a bit, but mostly when he was laying in his crib. The doctor put him on Zantac and bless his little heart, he has been so content the last couple of days. Sleeping better, smiling, staying awake is a blessing.

MY HAIR: I am in a real quandary. Here are my options.

1. Long & Straight

2. Long & Curly

3. Short, Layered, & Straight

4. Short, Layered, Curly (When I say short I mean around shoulder length).

I have taken up an interest off and on the last year with curly hair. I read a book called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. She estimates that 65% of women have some type of curl in their hair, and if properly cut and taken care of, the curl can be released. Where there is a wave there is a curl. Her method focuses on hydration of the hair cuticle, making your hair shiny, hydrated and healthy. My problem is the cutting part. What I really need is to live in New York. There is a salon called Ouidad and they specialize in cutting curls. I found a salon in LR called Caracalla Spa and Tommy specializes in curl cutting. I am waiting for him to call me back so I can ask him some questions. How funny is that? Shane thinks I have officially fell off the wagon, researching this much about curls. It is just a new fun interest for me.

Stinky Pete & Little Darlin' PICTURES:
Don't they favor...


Megan said...

i'm no expert on your babies, by any means, but i swear i see a lot of Reed in little Jack-Jack's pic.

i'm no expert on hair either, but i think i like your hair long and curly. it goes with your personality--and i mean that in a good way :).

Jenny said...

I think Jack and Reed look a lot alike, too.

Melodie said...

Anna! I need to know what you know about curly hair!!! I don't think I can get "Curly Girl" in India, but my hair needs some help :)

I think you should keep your hair long bc it's cute curly and straight. And you can pull it up into one of those messy buns we both love!!! I miss you, girl!!

Erica said...

I am all about this curly hair business. Right now, mine is short and straight, but Finley is wanting me to grow it back out (long and curly). Would you please let us know how the guy at Caracalla does if you see him?