Thursday, July 17, 2008

3.2.1. The Countdown in ON!!!

I was supposed to be in Dallas today. Staying in a really nice hotel with good friends. Sitting in an arena this afternoon. Watching the new line of my product unveiled. One. By. One. On the big screen. While we listen to every little detail about the piece they are showing.

Because Little Darlin was a bit unexpected Shane and I both decided to stay home this summer and spend time as a family, getting to know our little one in these first weeks. It was hard for both of us to not go on trips that we really, really love and enjoy.

My favorite speaker last year was Joni Erickson Tada. She is amazing and I loved hearing her talk. My favorite speaker this year, I'm sure, would've been that lady who sings the William Tell Overture about kids.

We would have loaded up in cars every night after trainings to find the nearest Bueno. We'd get our MexiDips & Chips and head back to our hotel room where we would pour over our newest catalog and act like jewelry experts regarding what our favorite new pieces are.

We would hear from missionaries all over the world telling us how our company has provided for them in ways they could not imagine. How people are hearing the gospel because of what we do. They would tell us to please keep up our work, because it is blessing them.

I would be overwhelmed with love, excitement and thankfulness for the provision of Premier that God has placed in my life! There would be fireworks in the dark arena on the Patriotic God Bless America Day. I would inevitably sit in front of the group from Minnesota with those annoying glow in the dark light up clappers that look really cool from across the arena, but make me want to make them disappear during the next break :).

I miss ya girls, and know you are having a ball!!! I'll be back in January!!! Be safe and I'm praying for ya'll! Yell for Andy for me!


Megan said...

That Mom Song to the William Tell Overature is hilarious! I giggle every time it's on because I hear another line I hadn't heard before. Chris thinks it's annoying, but as a mom I think it's pure genius!

Jenny said...

Girl you are the blog queen!!:)

Stuart Fam said...

You are the Rally QUEEN!! See you tonight in your sequin tube top!

The Walkie Talkie said...

I am sure your girls aren't having as much fun without you in the Big D!

About the postpartum hair...yes, mine falls out in massive clumps (much to Benton's dismay. I barely have time to wash my hair, let alone unclog the drain). I got bangs after Ben was born and since the babies have just kept coming, I have kept the bangs.

It's hard keeping hair long in the summer time. A pony tail is nice, yes but gives me a head ache! But I have found it best to not make rash hair decision in the "heat of the moment" or as the case may be "humidity of the moment."

Did you go meet your new neighbors?

Alison said...

Oh...just reading this made me miss being at rally! I am working on getting back into Premier within the next 4 weeks. We will be "sisters" again!