Friday, February 28, 2014

Date Night

Here's my Friday situation.

I have a serious case of the I don't want to's.

Here is what I want to do that I don't want to do.

What I want to do is spruce up the house and make it all warm and cozy like, just like the picture above.  Get things in order, feather dusted, vacuumed, and smelling fresh.


Because the boys got the invite to Poppy and Nanny-cita's house for the evening.  After today, I will have four more days of being pregnant, thus wrapping up my ten year tour of expanding and deflating.

The last time we attempted a date we ended up at a local pizza joint, drove through Starbucks on the way home, and ended up sitting on the couch doing a whole lot of nothing.  It was very exciting.  Yawn.  (this is probably obvious, but I have turned out to be very boring company lately).

I've got a tentative plan brewing in my mind about how to be a fun person to be around tonight.  First, I am going to wear real clothes and jewelry.  I have a firm resolve that I will not, under any circumstance, allow myself to shop from his side of the closet tonight.  I've already got my hair and make-up done so we are half way there.  I'm thinking after we drop the boys off we can do nothing less than a Mexican fiesta.

You see where I'm going with this?  Steak fajitas, guacamole, pico, chili con queso, imaginary margarita...are you with me?

So the other phase of the date night would include coming home to a tidy house, clean pair of sheets and pj's, vacuum lines in the carpet, orange vanilla Trapp candle, fireplace, and my new book and or a magazine.

Date night could very well turn into Sonic and the couch but I am hopeful that I can press on toward the goal.


Anonymous said...

Ok, wait...mamaw here didn't have on her spectacles. Did you say four more days of baby bump? Does that mean you have a special date planned with a sweet lil girl soon? As in, this baby be coming out!!!!! She is done with the oven!!!!
Mari Beth

Georgia said...

Shop on "his side" of the closet....ohhh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one when preg... (while currently wearing "his" fleece...)