Monday, March 17, 2014


Today I wanted to introduce you to the sweetest new little addition to our family.  She is almost two weeks old and is such a sweet little doll baby.  We are all five completely head over heels in love with her squishy little self.

Today is my first day of flying solo with all four kiddos, and it has gone great.  This has been the smoothest delivery and recovery, and I have been so thankful.  My body still hurts from time to time, mostly achy flu-like feeling stuff, but that always happens after surgery with me.  She is a dream baby.  She just likes to eat and sleep {like her Mama}.

Our family and friends have been such a huge blessing and support to our family over the last two weeks.  It is amazing when the Body of Christ reaches out to bless with prayers, texts, visits, meals, phone calls, the list could go on...

And my husband has been the greatest.  He is so loving and servant hearted, always making sure our needs are taken care of and never complaining even though I know he is just as tired as I am.

(all photos courtesy of Lulu Photography)
It is crazy how nine months can fly by so quickly.  It feels so good to be home and settling in to a new routine.  The boys are adjusting so fantastic.  They are completely smitten with their new little sis.  Heck, we're all just googly eyed around here.
I just keep thanking God over and over for the blessing of our sweet daughter.  She is the best gift ever!

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