Monday, February 3, 2014

The Game Plan

The Mr. went on a discipleship retreat with the menfolk from church this weekend.  Between me and you, I was torn about him going.  Sure, I was all smiles and encouraging him to go if it would be life-giving for him, but on the inside I was bummed!  It was all selfishness on my part.  I hate staying by myself, I'm a big ol' baby.  When he said he wanted to go, I was all, GREAT!  But on the inside I was like, "Well Shoot!"  I decided I needed to get a little game plan in order so we'd have some things to look forward to over the weekend.  As things usually do, we veered from the plan a lot, but I've learned (or am learning) to roll with the punches.

The plan for Saturday was to get out on the town.  I didn't know what we were going to do, and I didn't care, we were just going to get dressed and go.  What I didn't plan on was waking up Saturday feeling tired and icky.  We stayed in most of the day.  I did manage to drag us to a rummage sale for a few minutes looking exactly like this...

This would be a good point for me to interject my sincerest apologies for all of you who have to see me in this same sweatshirt for the next month.  I am aware that a small hole is developing on the lower front.  If you're OK with it, so am I.  I do wash it every other day{ish}.

We did go pick up Mamaw and headed to Dairy Queen for lunch to take advantage of the $5 lunch deal.  OK, this is a really great deal.  For $5 you get a combo meal (cheeseburger, chili dog or chicken strips) and a sundae.  For $1 more you can upgrade to a small Blizzard.  AND...if you are full after your meal like we were, they'll give you a Blizzard coupon to come back another time for your ice cream.  It's like two outings in one.  Cha-Ching.

Saturday was so rainy and icky, we went home and stayed under blankets watching movies all afternoon.  The boys went back to play video games and I feel asleep on the couch for a good hour.  Accidentally falling asleep on the couch is the best nap you'll ever get.  It's the kind that leaves you needing a snack of Fritos and a Coke when you wake up just so you can come back to earth.
So, around 5pm our plans changed again.  The Mr. called and said we might have winter weather coming our way.  Dad gum it.  That meant we needed to run to the store, in the rain, to stock up, because Big Mama will not be caught in snow without good vittles.  We threw clothes back on {naturally we were already in pj's}.  We are flying through Kroger and a sweet worker stops us. 
"How cute, your little boy has his pants on inside out AND backwards."
And so it was.

We made it home, all wet and cold, ate pizza, and I threw the dudes in a bath.  They had a great surprise when they got out, Dad was home!
(the bottom pic is blurry, they are never still enough for the camera!)

That's pretty much our weekend in review.  Last night we had a great time "watching" the game with friends from church.  We had some seriously good food.  Buffalo wings, buffalo dip, quesadillas, veggie tray, cheese dip and salsa, 7 layer dip, potato soup, taco soup, cookies, drinks...for a minute I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  The heartburn that kept me up all night reminded me that no.  No, I was still here.

We have had a slow start to our Monday morning.  I'm heading off to fix lunches and give lessons.  And maybe eat another Tums.  Or two.

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