Monday, January 20, 2014

Waiting For The Dryer Timer

In just a few short minutes the timer for the dryer is going to buzz (waaaaa!) and I'm outta here.  The bug man is coming today which has been incentive for me to get the floor areas picked up.  I'm like the little engine that could.   Or was it a turtle?  Or a snail?  Or a three toed sloth?

We've got the nursery painted, curtains hung, and this week we are finishing up cleaning out the closet.  So far, all the kids rooms are picked up and I'm working on laundry.

But I'm taking a 20 minute break.  One of the boys just came in and I said, "I want you out.  O-U-T!!!!"  Oh yes, I spelled the letters to the word out

Heh heh heh 


They are being exceptionally loud today.

Love 'em to pieces but they are loud.

Lord love 'em.

So Saturday night we got a date night thanks to our children's ministry at church!  They offered a free date night for families which was the greatest gift ever.  Our boys had a blast playing and we had the most romantic date.

At the last minute we scratched our P.F. Chang's plans and decided to stay local.  We finished dinner, drove through Starbucks, and ended up at home.  By 8 o'clock I was in my gown, sitting by the fireplace in a quiet house on the couch enjoying a raspberry steamer talking about the next few month goals with my man.  We would've been more adventurous, it's just that it was so late.  It was nearly 8pm when we finished dinner.  You see what I'm saying?

Shane gave me a P.F. Chang's rain check before the baby comes and we'll be leaving by 4. 

Yes I am well aware of the exciting life I lead.

I think the dryer is done but now I'm just pretending I still hear it going.

Today I am supposed to start division with my 2nd grader.  I'm procrastinating so bad you wouldn't believe it.  But hey.  I do have two picked up and vacuumed rooms so that must account for something.

I suppose I'll go face the noise again.  But for all my friends who think I never want to run and hide from my kids-this post is for you!

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New Every Morning said...

PLEASE explain "raspberry steamer." It sounds like something I would LOVE.