Friday, January 10, 2014

My Date Last Night

Me and this guy had a little date last night.  We started off at McDonald's (his choice) and ate Happy Meals and talked about Batman Lego, Star Wars Lego and Clash of Clans.
He said his new name is Barbarian King and I am an Archer Queen Mama.  Then we went for ice cream.  After ice cream, we went to Targe' to get him a new belt.
Our boys will probably associate date night with needing new underwear, socks or belts, because everytime they need something like that it turns into date night with Mama.  Hopefully the girls won't find that too odd.  Hey Baby, I'll pick ya up at 7:00.  You can choose between Mickey D's or Chick and when we're done, we'll go to Target to buy me some new boxer briefs and we'll end with ice cream.  Ahh, the romance will never end!

I love this little guy.  He is so much fun.  We were in a wedding together this year and this is him in his little coral colored bow tie...what a cute little turkey!

One of my favorite things in the world is getting away individually with the kiddos.  They talk and talk and talk non-stop when they don't have competition and it is the sweetest!

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