Friday, January 17, 2014

Sonic Date Night

Last night I had a hot little date with this dude.  My oldest sweet boy.  He decided we should drive in for a change so we went to Sonic.  It was so much fun sitting in the front seat together eating dinner.  (By the way, next Tuesday is National Popcorn Chicken day and for $1 you can try a snack size popcorn chicken.)

Besides just having fun eating dinner together, I love date night with my boys because they open up and talk their little heads off.  It is also a chance for me to speak words of encouragement to them.  After we ate I told this kiddo what a blessing and joy he is to our family.  I told him I appreciate his joyful attitude-whether he has to do a chore or is given a difficult school assignment, it doesn't matter, this one will do it without complaining.

He volunteers at church and loves serving.  When other kids come over, he lends a hand with the younger ones.  His giggle is contagious and before you know it, you are laughing just because he is.  This one is my Thursday night snuggler.  You probably already know, but every Thursday evening we have couch bed night.  This one always chooses to snuggle me.  Last night he wanted extra snuggles. 

I'm telling you-spending one on one time with your children does something for their little hearts.

After dinner, well besides going to Target of course, I had a surprise for him.  I was able to encourage him and tell him because of his great attitude we wanted to reward him with a game he'd been wanting.  Oh my, his face lit up like the 4th of July!  "You're the best mom in the whole entire world!!!!!"  (pst...and I found the game for $3 at the used game store!!!)

Our next round of dates will be individual at home dates with each kid.  They're going to get to choose a special snack and get to stay up late with just mom and dad.  I'll write about it when we try it out.  I'm very excited to see what kind of creative ways we can make this really special.  I'm really excited about this idea though because it won't cost any money-just picking up something from the store for a fun snack and maybe a board game or something along those lines.

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