Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday's Date

I gotta tell you about this boy. He is one in a million.  Not all boys are into snuggling their Mama's, but this one is my snuggler.  He still holds my hand while we're out and about, which of course I adore.  We call him the gentle giant.  He is a BIG BOY.  I'm talking, he has been wearing a men's size 6 shoe since he was 7.  He and I can wear the same size shoe and have been able to since he was 7!  He is tall and muscular and strong but boy is he a sweetheart with the squishiest cheeks you've ever kissed.

We went on a date this afternoon and the dude just kept melting my heart.  I asked him where he wanted to go eat and he said somewhere where he could be wise with the money.  He said Taco Bell, but only after making double sure Taco Bell was somewhere I wanted to eat because he wanted to go somewhere I liked too.  Just like his Daddy-always thinking of ways to serve and love on others.  His face lit up with joy when he got to order the 3 crunchy taco combo with an extra large Coke.  Even while drinking his Coke, he said he would take it home and share it with his brothers.

Of course you know, all date night roads lead to Target.  While we were there, he was thinking about his brothers.  He got some new Pokémon cards and asked if he could call his brothers to talk with them about his new cards. 

He also bought his brothers suprises while we were out.  I'm not kidding.  This kid is the most thoughtful little thing I've ever met and I love him to pieces.  He is going to make the most amazing husband one day!  Until then, he's all mine :).

Look how excited he is to give out his gifts! One more date night to go this week!  My dance card has been full!!

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