Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wish List & Favorite Things

1) Look who has a new book out! 10 Gifts of Wisdom by Sally Clarkson.  This just moved to the #1 spot on my Wish List.  I love everything by Sally Clarkson.  She is my biggest mentor on raising kiddos.  I'm grateful for her writing and cannot wait to get my hands on this book. 

2) Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel.  This one really caught my eye, it looks fabulous.  Grace seems to be the theme of where I am right now and I'd love to read this one.  I'd get the real paper version to take notes.  Are you a Kindle person?  I just can't do it.  I like the real deal!

(Lots of books on the list so far, what can I say?  My days are filled with interacting with little people and I take all the cheerleading and encouragement I can get!  Plus, I'm just passionate about this being a mom gig.  I love it!)

3) Archipelago Botanicals No. 12 soy milk lotion.  If I had to pick only one word to describe this lotion it would be luxury.  This is the best hand cream and body lotion I've ever used.  It smells a-ha-ha-maaaazing.  Perfect for lotioning your legs when you get out of the shower and perfect for keeping on the bathroom counter for your hands.  This is my special occasion lotion.  It is a big treat to wear this stuff!

4) Trapp Orange Vanilla Candle.  This candle is one that I have burned for years and years.  It is a special occasion candle and my all time favorite scent in the whole entire world.  If money were no option, this would be my signature home fragrance scent.  My entire home would smell like this every single day of the year.  But since someone named Dave Ramsey is a part of our family, my everyday candles come from Bath & Body Works and Wal-Mart. 

Orange Vanilla is a January smell for me.  When the tree is put up and the house looks sparse and white and the trees outside are bare, this candle lights up the house with joy and goodness.

Other favorite things...

5) Christmas Cottage by Scentsy.  This is another all time favorite scent.  You know that homemade potpourri recipe you have pinned on your Christmas board?  The one where you add cloves, sliced oranges, and cinnamon sticks to water and simmer on the stove?  This is that scent without all the hassle.  I keep this fragrance stocked up!

6) Earth Angels Pajamas.  I got this plaid pair for my birthday and it is hard to get out of them every day.  They are the warmest, softest, most wonderful things I've ever owned.  The collar has a sweet satin ivory trim that makes them so pretty.

7) Chaps Suede Slippers.  My mom said I needed a pair of house shoes and got me these from Kohl's and I'm a believer!  I wear these with socks and they are toasty.  Great gift idea!

8) Pearls.  My set came from Belk.  They are chunky and wonderful.  The studs are my favorite-they are massive and I wear them nearly every single day, even with sweatshirts.

9) Katie Daisy Prints.  I ordered this one for our home as a celebration of coming home full time.  It is my little reminder that I was obedient to what God asked of me and now I'm living in the blessing of the joy that comes in walking in the path God has for me.  This is even more gorgeous in person.  She is definitely one of my very favorite artists!

10) Pure Grace Lotion.  This lotion is so clean and fresh.  It layers well under your perfume and is great by itself.  This is the lotion you'll put on and folks don't ask what you're wearing.  They just say you smell good.  Unless it is your 8 year old son.  He'll say you smell like suntan lotion but what does he know, he'd walk around in camo boxers all day every day if you'd let him.

It was fun putting this list together. I guess it's pretty obvious I'm a girly girl from the South who loves pretties and smell goods. 

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