Thursday, December 12, 2013

Boys Bedroom

Thank ya'll for your input on Facebook, emails and comments!  I've posted some pictures from all of your ideas of the type of look it would create.  One thing all these pictures have in common is how cozy the rooms feel.

After measuring my space, I do not think I have room to do a set of full over full bunks on the right wall AND a full size bed on the left wall.  It would only leave about 23 inches of floor space between beds and that seems like it would overwhelm the room completely.

I love the feel of the room in the above picture.  I like the idea of having a nightstand in between both beds that I could put two lamps on.  To me, that is such a warm, clean, cozy look.  I also like the idea of 2 full beds, side by side, because I can use flat Rubbermaid storage bins to store their stuff hidden underneath the bed.  Bed skirts would hide the storage.  That is part of my current problem.  We keep the beds clean underneath because there is no way to put a bed skirt on the bunks...but that is just wasted space.

I know the blue striped bed picture below is outdated looking, but I still like the overall feel of the room (two beds, side by side, lamps in middle and plenty of wall space above beds to customize look of room).  Bunk beds are very hard to make.  I dread changing the sheets.  Since two of our boys sleep together anyway, I am considering the 2 full size bed idea.

Again, another outdated picture, but it has a clean feel.  I also really like the idea of giving them the space above their beds to put what they like on the walls, in coordinating frames/colors.

The boys side room is the one room I never can get to feel warm, cozy and having a "put together" feel. 

Thanks again for your ideas.  As of right now, here is how my votes are standing...
  • keep the twin over twin bunks and make them work
  • sell one set of t/t bunks and add a full size bed to replace it
  • sell both sets of t/t bunks and replace with 2 full size beds
My biggest problems with our current layout...
  • beds are hard to make/sheets hard to change
  • room never feels orderly and put together
  • the room feels dark right now, want it to be a brighter space
  • if we switch to full size beds, we can put storage underneath both beds
  • lighting in bunks is not good for reading
  • most of all, I want them to have a comfortable space they can retreat to for lounging and getting away

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