Monday, December 16, 2013

Cute Schoolroom Dry Erase Board

The biggest need I've had for our school room which is also our eat in kitchen area is a cute dry erase board or chalkboard.  I wasn't about to put a stark white dry erase board in the kitchen and I don't really like the way chalk feels-but chalk boards are super, super cute.  My idea was to find a huge picture, line it with burlap, and voila!  Did you know you can use dry erase marker to write directly on glass?

I did not want to pay more than $25 for this project and I wanted a big, chunky frame.  Yesterday I scored big time.  This frame retailed for $150.  It was marked down several times and I got it for $10 at a Flea Market.

It has a double matte inside which I loved.  It was easy to loosen the back and remove the waiter picture.  When you are shopping for a frame, just make sure to look at the back to make sure it is going to come off easily.  This picture was secured with staple things that just needed to be lifted up.  I bought one yard of cream colored burlap (Have you seen the cream burlap?  Shabby Chic heaven is all I'm sayin')  One yard of burlap cost $6.

It was incredibly hard to photograph this with my phone :) but you get the idea...

How cool is that???  This entire project cost me $16 and I love how cute and functional it turned out to be.  And when company comes?  You better believe the Menu will be posted.

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New Every Morning said...

Brilliant! I am so stealing this idea!