Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Growing Lavender From Seed

Apparently I am a Master Gardener even though I haven't officially joined the club or paid my dues.

All I know is last Spring I was meandering through the Lawn & Garden at the Wal-Mart and a 6 pack of Lilacs/Tulips/and another flower which I can't remember the name, landed its way into my buggy.  I came home, took a little shovel, put them in the ground and called it a day.

And they came back to visit me again this year...and brought friends.  That's right.  While I was minding my own business, they multiplied under the ground and came back.  Now that's the kind of gardening I'm talkin' about!  I had no idea they spread and multiplied.  How great is that?

So Lavender is something I've always wanted growing everywhere in my garden.  Last year I looked at the Lavender plants at Home Depot but never mustered up the courage to buy a few and stick them in the ground.  This year I found this seed packet at Lowe's for a buck.  So I bought it.  I figure for a buck and can try my hand at growing Lavender plants from seed.

My friend told me to plant them in seed starter soil, so I upped my investment another five bucks and bought this (which was located right next to the seed packs at Lowe's).

I came home, marched myself right into the kitchen and got busy.

Shish-ka-bob skewer?  Check.
Left-over paper cups from Christmas?  Check
Egg carton?  Check.

I punched 5 holes in the bottom of my cups, for drainage and because it felt like the right thing to do.  I filled my containers with soil and tossed some seed into each cup.   I used the boys water bottle they use to fix their hair, and misted them with water.  And set em' on my buffet in the formal dining room.

If this little experiment works, I'll have 28 Lavender plants to stick in the ground in about 8 weeks.  Though I've never done anything of this sort, I figure if a toddler can stick a bean seed in a styrofoam coffee cup at preschool and grow an awesome plant, then I can throw some seed in left-over cups from Christmas and grow some Lavender plants.

If you want to grow Lavender the cheap way, it's not too late to get your seed going.  This is the week you want to start it.  The directions say start the seed 8-10 weeks before you want to plant it.  Planting time is May-June and if all goes well I'll be sticking an absurd amount of plants in the ground.


Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

Looks like fun! I'm trying my hand at some herbs indoors this spring. I do NOT have a green thumb! ;)

New Every Morning said...

You've inspired me. For reelz.
When we moved to the farm, I had a vision of rows of lilac growing like it does in the south of France. But I couldn't afford the lavender plants. Duh! Why didn't I think of SEEDS??? Your wisdom has changed my life. Heading to Lowes tomorrow!