Monday, March 25, 2013

Counting Again

Two years ago I read One Thousand Gifts for the first time.  Then I read it again, because it was that good.  And now I'm reading it again, for our book club.

My first go round, I jotted down my gifts in a plain black journal, the kind you would use in school.  But since I'm on the search to find another round of 1000 gifts, I wanted it to be pretty.  I found this journal at Mardel and spent hours this weekend transferring my first thousand gifts to the pretty binder.

This is the neatest way I've found to keep track of life.  Reading back through my gifts, I see snapshots of life the last two years.  Every season and tradition is packaged in a few short words.  My journal would sit unused for months and then I would pick it up and start counting again.

Here are some of my favorites...

6. open windows
11. empty hangers
23. wind chimes filling the air
24. sunshine streaming onto carpet
63. the smell of burning leaves
79. lamplight reflecting in windows at dusk
108. raspberry and chocolate
223. boys tumbling out of bed in undies, with pillows and blankies in hand
247. pearl studs
248. diamonds sparkling on water
322. sound of Shane's voice reading Bible out loud
329. sweet tea with bright yellow lemon wedge
337. morning shadows cast over lawns
349. yellow leaf floating on pool water
363. cold watermelon on a hot summer's night
385. fireflies in the twinkling wood
386. laughing about the twinkling wood...juuuust one wood
404. candle light reflecting off flower filled mason jars
460. white soapy bubbles on a bar of pink Dove soap
463. strawberry jam bubbling on stove top
464. jars filled with bright red goodness
465. the popping of sealed jars
502. the end of the day when all of the halls have been decked
584. plaid paper-red, white, green-classic joy!
585. makes me want a Scotty dog named London
660. another year folding up quietly (12/31/11)
675. shirtless boys eating spaghetti at lunch
730. bunny by pink azalea
878. our living room filled with women
946. crafting a life I love, suited to my tastes
1000. the satisfaction of a goal reached!!!
1002. Saturday evenings-60 trimmed nails, 3 clean boys with combed hair and clothes laid out
1003. the wind howling and whistling outside during big church
1013. you thought I was just like consider this, you who forget God...he who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me; and to him who orders his way aright I shall show the salvation of God.  Ps 50:22-23 from this morning

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New Every Morning said...

You've inspired me. Completely.
I've read the book. I've started and restarted my "list" so many times, but it's here and there. So you've inspired me to put it all into a thick journal. That is pretty. ;)
(I knew you would understand)