Thursday, March 21, 2013

We rearranged

Last night as I was dozing off to sleep I wasn't thrilled about the game plan for the next few days.

Do you ever get that way?  You have things planned, but the flow is not exciting?

Pair a not great plan with over tired boys and you have the potential to have a real mess on your hands.

That is why this morning we had a rearranging of the plans meeting in the kitchen by the coffee pot while we waited impatiently for our first cup of the day to finish brewing.

The weather is calling for rain, rain and more rain.  One of the things on the agenda, which will come as a total shock to you my dear friend, is a deep cleaning of the house.  Don't hate me for it.  It's who I am.  It's what I do.

We re-tiled in October and fine layers of dust have continued to settle.  The deep cleaning was scheduled for tomorrow and a trip to town was scheduled for today.

But I wasn't excited about a fun day today and a cleaning day tomorrow.  You've heard of the motto, "We work first then we play."  That is what kept going through my head.

So we decided to get things shined today so tonight and tomorrow we can play.  We have two new episodes of Duck Dynasty waiting on us and the boys are going to bed at 7pm tonight.  I am thinking a date night of sorts is on the horizon for tonight.

Naturally that means an ice cream snack of some kind will be in order.  Well, I suppose this is enough procrastination for one morning.  I've got a date with my man and a mop bucket waiting on me...

I hope you've had a restful Spring Break.  It's been a pretty one that is for sure.

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New Every Morning said...

I love to "rearrange!"
Hope it was a sweet date night!