Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nice Things

They probably need baths was the pressing thought last night, after all we are going on day four.  An hour later, combed hair pj'd boys were all in bed.  That is a nice time of day.  Just as I was really getting into my Pinterest session, I hear the pitter patter of feet heading my way.

The red head wanted to talk.  So we climbed in my bed together and after chatting awhile he asked about my gifts book.  Can you read some of them to me?  he asked.

As I read through the book I've been jotting in over two years it just made me downright happy.  Counting does that.  It gets you feeling all giddy over things like your Hawaiian Breeze fan.

It makes you daydream about breaking out the sprinkler so they can run wild and you can sit on the patio and read a book in the blooming backyard.

It makes me think about how much I love the month of May.  The declaration of my love of the month of May began last year.  It is the best month of the year.  The weather around these parts is mild and wonderful in May.  We eat on the patio a lot. 

May 27th is Memorial Day weekend.  Quite possibly another one of my favorite holidays because we get to enjoy a laid back weekend at the house.  It is also the weekend we put up our pool and plant the pink wave petunias in the flower pots.

Cinco de Mayo Mexican fiesta's, May flowers, dinner on the patio, pool season just around the corner, spotting the first fireflies, so many good things to love about May.

Now I'm all hungry for Ina's shortcakes which I made many times last year.

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Mandy said...

yep, we are kindred spirits:) I also leave out large family logistics and have a smash book going of 1,000 gifts i keep meaning to share. plus, you used the term kindred spirits from anne of gg so we're already best friends ;)