Monday, June 18, 2012

A Riveting Read

Shane is back from an 8 day trip. 

Today he was off.  We were both worn out.  Me, I think from 8 days of chasing boys, and him from leading a trip which was great he said. 

Do you know that feeling when you're looking a wide open day in the face?  Should we be total bums or should we be productive?  Well, we did both.  Divided and conquered.  He tackled the garage and I tackled the boys room.

Around 2:30pm we all hit a wall.  And crawled in our beds.  For 3 hours.  Then it took another good 30 minutes to fully wake up.  That.  Is.  What.  I'm.  Talkin'.  About.

That bedroom of the boys has been staring me in the face for awhile.  I just never could muster up the gumption to tackle it, ya know?

And tomorrow.  Well, we worked hard today so tomorrow we are swimming, reading, and having dinner with our friends who had birthdays last week.  Then we're gonna come home and play cards. 

Do you play Spades?  It's our favorite even though the boys count cards cheat.

Tonight I went on a walk and the neighborhood smelled like fabric softener.  I like that.

See, I told you this was going to be a riveting read.


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